A short fiction story with actual facts about multitasking

Ever since my daughter was born, I have become a bundle of chaos. And I am a thief too. I browse the internet and keep stealing other people’s ideas.. Like last Friday’s dinner. I stole a chicken curry recipe published by some “mamma queen” and claimed it was mine. Why? Because I can’t accomplish a single thing. It’s so frustrating. I can’t deal with it anymore. I can’t seem to get anything done without tripping over like a toddler. Seriously, It’s true.. My shirt smells like bolognese sauce all the time (the only thing I can cook), and when I…

A short tale for those who are afraid of falling

Picture by Greg Rakozy — Unsplash

When you reach a certain point in life, you start panicking about aging.

I didn’t quite imagine that it would start right away on my 30th birthday, though.

That day, my mum knocked on the doors and greeted me with words:

Darling, don’t you worry. It’s a new phase. You can’t avoid it. You can’t fight it. Your skin and body will shrink eventually, too. You’ll be fine, though. Happy birthday, my sweet girl!”

Then she handed me a letter and left for work.


I was sure that what she told me was Nana’s words anyway. She sounded like her…

A warning message from a silent killer called Brugada

Photo by Jared Rice — Unsplash

Six years ago, my brother received a warning message from a silent killer called Brugada. Brugada is a serious heart condition that is considered to be rare. I can see, though, that it affects more and more people — young & old. My brother nearly died because of it. It was a day like no other. He watched TV in peace when his heart stopped beating, just like that.

He received CPR right away. Thanks to his girlfriend and quick help from paramedics, he made it. He was unconscious for a couple of days and stayed at the hospital for…

A short fiction story – part one

Jack went wild and smashed a china elephant. The one Claire brought from Africa. For heaven’s sake. It was a special gift. Claire believed the elephant drew good luck to her life, and now it crashed into a million pieces. Awesome.

Maybe if it weren’t for the shocking news, it wouldn’t have happened; Rebecca wondered. She was torn to bits as she watched Claire’s little angel girl Sammy writing away her own name.. Whaaat??? Jack could barely pronounce his surname or remember his age.

How in the hell did she learn to write…

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You won’t believe what my mum just told me..She wants to become a foster parent!

I know! It’s quite shocking, right? I mean good for her and no doubts that those kids will receive the best possible care, but my mum? I don’t know why, but I feel kinda jealous too..Isn’t it weird?

Is this what happens to mums whose kids never have kids? Do these mums start having unbearable urges to fill the empty nest of theirs one more time? Or what is going on? …

Searching the missing puzzle piece.

When I was a kid, they taught me how to be kind, loving and whatnot. But I often unwittingly ignored my own needs and desires. I wanted to avoid arguments with my peers. Very little I knew back then that I was nothing more than disrespectful to myself.

I still kept prisoning my soul in a cage filled with everybody else’s opinions in my teenage years. I cared too much about what others think, so I kept my thoughts in my head. I preferred to go with the flow to avoid judgement. How weak of me. Right?

You must know…

I left home at the age of 24; feeling excited, immortal and unstoppable. Please don’t laugh, but for an average small-town girl, flying thousands of miles away from home on her own, and for the first time — it was a pretty thrilling experience..

When I watched the landscapes of my motherland from the bird’s point of view; it got me thinking:

“What the hell am I doing? Do I even want to go to London?”

Well. It was too late anyway. …

Sales teams focus on turning leads into sales. Customer service teams strive to provide a first-class service. But what happens when you are only ONE MAN business? Who does it all? Does it have to be you?

First, there are tons of articles on how to organise your day effectively — time management is crucial indeed. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on so many circumstances.

When time management tips don’t work for you, you may want to consider welcoming onboard remote workers. They are a lot more affordable than office-based employees.

Are they reliable, though? True…

With a social media strategy, you can build your brand image, save time, increase your monthly income and reach your business goals.

Read more details about the main advantages below. I will explain why dedicating your time to create a social media strategy can help you to attract more clients.

Are you wondering how you can effectively drive traffic to your website or to your e-commerce store?

Be consistent. Offer value. Engage. Entertain. And most of all — have an excellent social media strategy. But first, you need to set up your social media accounts and do some research. Stick…

Maria is an inspiring woman and a mother of three children, juggling household and running her own business as an independent Thermomix adviser.

Healthy food. Less time cooking. More time spent with family.

What is Thermomix?

Thermomix is a smart-looking ingenious, must-have kitchen appliance which saves you time meal planning, writing shopping lists and cooking!

Have you heard about Cookido? It is an international platform full of healthy recipes you can schedule for your weekly planner! Once you purchase and welcome Thermomix at your home, this platform is available to you for FREE for six months, and then there is a fee of £30 for a yearly subscription.

It’s an…

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